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BuildBot is a board game developed out of interdisciplinary collaboration between REELER’s robot developers and anthropologists, using data from ethnographic interviews to simulate a reflective robot design process.

In this game, players take on the role of robot developer designing a healthcare robot. The players must manage their resources in interviewing different stakeholder types (patients, care providers, unions, policymakers, e.g.) and spending money on developing robot features.The game involves a dialogue between players where they can explain their interpretation and consideration of stakeholder statements in the selection of robot features. Players are rewarded for selecting features that best match stakeholder needs.

This game raises awareness about the complexity of a robot’s context and expands development considerations beyond the inner circle to take in perspectives across the human proximity model.

What's inside?

The Goal

A research hospital is wondering wether a robot can help them improve the rehabilitation program of patients, within the local policy frame. You are part of a robotic company and as a roboticist you are in charge of designing a robot aimed at actively assisting patients during physical rehabilitation, normally performed by trained personnel.

The Board

Navigate through the spaces to get started with your robot design. Which Affected Stakeholder are you gonna interview next? What features should you implement in your robot? Throw the dice and find out!

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The Cards

Stakeholder Cards

Find out what Affected Stakeholders have to say! You might get some insights you've never considered.

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Features Cards

Select the characteristics to be implemented in the robot. What is your main concern?

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How to Play?

Print and Play!

Download the PDF files and print them straight away!

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